How To Find and Pick The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

God has given different colors to all of us, which makes someone look beautiful and some look bad.

But let me tell you that if you use the right color on your skin tone, then you will also look beautiful like others.

So now we will know about someone that we should use which color on our skin.

Have you ever thought that what is important to keep in mind to make our looks good.

Let me tell you that the color of our skin and the color of clothes can work in the same way.

Just as it is necessary to mix the color of shirt and paint, in the same way it is also necessary to mix this color on our skin.

To know this, our face cut will have to be thoroughly analyzed, in future, I am going to tell you about who you have to look at.

Determining Your Skin Tone

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The most important thing in this is that the first thing you should know is which color of your skin is it. You may have some problems in the beginning, but as you use the color, you will know it better.

If you work on your look correctly then your confidence increases.

To tell you easily, we have divided the skin tone into four parts, out of which you will understand that which color is going to look good on your skin.

Fair / Pale Skin

To know this skin, if you go into the sun for a day, and your skin tone starts getting irritated and with this you get dark spots on the skin, then you understand that your skin is of fair / pale skin. .

Color to wear

You must have noticed that after cleaning some of the skin a little, the glow of their skin improves well.

On such skin, we should wear only the color opposite to the skin. By which those people will look more smart and looking.

Border shades of dark colors such as gray, navy brown, burgundy, bottle green, and blue will all work well as these shades contrast with your skin tone.

Olive skin

In Olive skin, the skin is tanned instead of toasted, if your skin is Olive skin, if you go into the sun for a while then your skin becomes sticky. This is known as a ‘warm’ complexion.

Color to wear

A lot of colors in it work with olive skin. You can make your skin glow by opting for a slightly brighter or darker color than medium ground.

In this, you will not suggest faded colors.

Dark skin

Like the people with Olive skin, when we do color matching of dark skinned people, then there is a problem.

It is difficult to match the color on the dark skin with the comparison of any other skin tone, which means that any person who matches it means it has become a jackpot.

You will be able to play successfully with almost most of the colors you choose and work them well.

Color to wear

Mostly, you can wear light colored clothes on this skin tone. Your skin is perfectly suited to complement the rainbow of possible colors and combinations.

Your skin color is made up of many colors. And on dark skin, if you combine colors of rainbow easily, then your look will increase.

Light skin

Friends, if your skin is light colored then you are a very lucky person. Because light color is the only color on which any color matches.

But if you still want to know which color you will like, then I am going to tell you about it.

Color to wear

Light color is an earth-like color Earthy tones such as greens, browns and khakis can work very nicely for you when offset by the pop of a white T-shirt and some raw indigo denim.

Similarly, you can also use burnt orange, maroon and subdued yellow can have a similar effect.

By the way, many colors can be tried on this light skin, but in this also you have to understand a little and use the color.

From my suggesion you can use combination of which, black, white and grays very well.

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